Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair and Installation in Kamloops

CentreCore HVAC provides air conditioning services to Kamloops and the surrounding areas. We specialize in strata, commercial, institutional and light industrial clients. From cooling maintenance and repair to installation and replacement, our expert team is committed to providing reliable service. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you dependable diagnostic and troubleshooting services when you need us most. We only source the highest quality equipment, specific to each application, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Did you know? Temperatures in Kamloops are an average of 30°C during the summer, but often exceed that, hovering close to 40°C! Despite that, you can keep cool with a properly working air conditioning unit. CentreCore HVAC Services can install and maintain your A/C, ensuring consistent operation through the Interior British Columbia heat.

Why Does My A/C System Need Repair and Maintenance Services?

As a commercial property owner or business manager, you know the impact your HVAC system has on the daily operations of your business. It maintains a pleasant temperature and humidity in the conditioned indoor environment, keeping your customers, clients, and employees comfortable.

A well running air conditioning system runs smoothly, at maximum capacity, with minimal energy consumption.  Maintaining your air conditioning system can even lengthen its lifespan. At CentreCore HVAC Services, we provide repair and maintenance for many brands of air conditioning systems.

Did you know? Routine maintenance will help your system maintain its original efficiency. Overall, this means a properly serviced air conditioning unit will do a better job of cooling, compared to a unit that hasn’t been serviced. In addition, regular service is often a requirement of the warranty for most A/C manufacturers. Without it, you might not be covered. CentreCore HVAC can provide a tailor-made maintenance program that will identify any problem areas and offer suggestions for improvements.

Upgrade Outdated Equipment

The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is between 15 and 20 years. If you have experienced having to pay for repairs often, it might be more cost effective to replace your air conditioning system.  CentreCore HVAC can perform an assessment on your existing HVAC system and provide multiple options for replacement, if required.  New equipment provides added benefits, such as energy savings, reduced repair costs, and warranty coverage.

Why Hire A Professional?

Our Red Seal Certified technicians are specially trained for repairing and maintaining air conditioning systems. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and training to handle all types of HVAC work. From installations to repairs and maintenance, our professional HVAC technicians have the proper tools and skills to get the job done right…the first time.

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